6 Vital Truths About Interior Designer That Kolkata Should Know

6 Vital Truths About Interior Designer That Kolkata Should Know

People often get confused whom to call while the need to beautify their interior? Some have a misconception that interior designing is something that is made for moneyed men and the designer deal will costly stuff.

A forest of confusion and questions are there that people fail to solve. Unfortunately, most of the time they come to the wrong conclusions.

Let’s cut the wrong notions and come to the right idea about home, its design and the designers. Here are some points, suggested by a reputed interior designer in Kolkata, that are well enough to clear all confusion and to answer the unsolved questions.



  1. There is a huge difference between interior designer and decorator.

A lot of people are confused between the job title interior designer and decorator. And the funniest thing is, many of them believe that both are the same. But the truth is there is a huge difference between the two. Internal decorators deal with space, location and adjacent. On the other hand, an internal designer deals with the human behaviours and psychology on a particular space and stuff.


  1. Interior designing is all about décor.

Internal designers are dealing with much more than mere home decoration. For example, decorators deal with a room colouring, texture, pattern, and quality of the colour. On the other hand, the design experts will consult the situation of the room, the impact of the colour of the room owner and on the visitor, the related furniture and stuff of the room as well.


  1. Hiring an interior designer is not expensive at all.

The budget is set on the requirement of the project. All reputed design experts ask their client’s budget before starting their job. Experience designers have the team that are very much used to in different sets of budgets.


  1. They don’t use costly materials.

The majority think that hiring a design expert is nothing but a bundle of expenses as they use all expensive products while designing. Well, let me tell you one thing, all these are as vague as a unicorn. As all of them ask for the budget before starting their work, there hasn’t a little chance to use costly or out of budget materials.


  1. Becoming an Interior Designer is a sign of hard work.

A number of people claim themselves as the internal designer without having any education, particularly on this field. People with intelligence and a good common sense can catch the art of a designer but at some point, they have to give up. The career of an interior designer is tough. It needs a complete sense of art within.


  1. Not always interior designing be trendy and cool.

There is a commonly wrong idea about the experts that they have a tendency to be trendy and contemporary on their design. Yes, it’s true that they want to leave a touch of contemporariness on their new project but never force the clients who want to decorate their place according to their tradition.


These are the common 6 truth that most people fail to understand. Hope these will help you choose a good designer for decorating your dream home or business place.

Hire an interior expert and see the difference.

5 Points to Create Low Budget Interior Decoration in Kolkata

5 Points to Create Low Budget Interior Decoration in Kolkata

One of the best sights is to look upon a furnished house whose each and every part is decorated with the best fitting furniture. Many of us have the misconception that a furnished room demands a handsome amount of money; Yes indeed. But the truth is, you can also have a neatly decorated house in low budget. What you need, is just to follow some tips.

In most cases the new owner of the house wishes to have some low budget furniture for his house. Another kind of people is the new couple who is about to start their new life. Here are some tips for them to furnish room in an economical budget.

  • Ask your friends:

Many of your friends, colleagues, must be there who already own a house and have already furnished them well. Ask them to choose a good interior designer in Kolkata that provides you with the furniture for different room according to your choice. Take different ideas, different information about the manufacturers and make a choice after comparing well.

  • Visit different houses:

Visiting different people may help you gather different ideas about furniture.  Different people have varied choices. Some have a lavish sofa set; some have a beautiful teakwood royal bed. Some are fascinated to decorate the living rooms. Just keep gathering ideas from them.  In the modern world, Google is in your hand. Search if they are available in your locality or not.

  • Let your creative mind be open:

Don’t like the furniture that the manufacturers provide you or those that you have already found while visiting the houses?  Have some designs ideas on your head? Great! Tell the manufacturers. The best interior decorators will surely help you materialise your imagination. By this process, you can also tell them about the chosen materials for the furniture which are cheaper than the convenient furniture.

  • Try “Do It Yourself”:

DIY products are in fashion nowadays. Many left behind materials are the best use to make some another useful product indeed. For example, you can make photo frames with wooden boxes and blanket ladders from old and broken ladders. A fashionable and classy wall hanging can be made from wool or paper. What you need to do is just spread your creative self. So many websites are there from where you can have different DIY ideas. Keep gathering ideas and make it happen.

  • Compare prices:

As you decide to furnish your house in an economic budget, price is a vital factor indeed. Choose at least more than three manufacturers compare the prices to decide on the lowest amongst them for your home decorating project. Comparing prices is not compromising on qualities. Don’t juxtapose the facts. You surely can have the same quality you chose at an inexpensive price by comparing.

The closure thought:

Home is the place that inspires and rejuvenates you. It’s your most personal property to decorate and adore. Cut the delusion that only high-priced products can beautify your residence. Let your choice set an example for others.

Just Completed Your House? Want to Decorate? Get Some Idea.

Are you moving to your new house? Shifting to a new place is always exciting. It takes time to adjust to the new environment. It’s not the resting time as the thought of decorating your new house haunts you all the time. This post is about how you turn your new house into a comfortable and furnished home.



The bedroom is the most private place of your house. You should keep this room less crowded and more comfortable.  Often this room becomes the forgotten one as it’s your personal room that hardly gets any visitor. Why do so? Make it decorated and adorable for yourself because this is the place which gives you comfort as well as encouragement.

A cosy and comfortable bed is the most vital object of the room. Teakwood bed has held the position of sophistication for years. You can have different kinds of teakwood beds, traditional as well as modern. If you are a new generation couple who wants to decorate your bedroom you can choose the modern designed teakwood bed.



This is the place that plays a vital role in showing  your choice to the visitors. Sometimes people fail to understand the difference between the show-off and classiness and collect different kinds of decorating objects and make this room crowded. Let it be simple and comfortable because simplicity catches the mind more than lavishness.

Can anyone imagine a living room without a sofa set? A simple sofa cum bed is the best-suited furniture of this room. Well, if you want to give a modern and classy touch, bring a leather sofa cum bed that gives a complete ease to your visitors and enhances the beauty of this place. L-shaped leather sofas are in fashion now. It not only provides an elegant look but also fits in a little space.



This place is all about crowding, a place which provides you with happiness when you gather and enjoy the delicious food with your family and friends. So, make spaces for people not for furniture. Only a big stylish and durable dining table is enough for this place. Teakwood dining table is rank high in look as well as durability. To make the place more gorgeous use Glass top tables.



There was a time when people hardly thought about a furnished kitchen. It used to be an unimportant corner where women suffered all day. But as days have changed we have come up with  the concept of open and  modular kitchen. A newly built fashionable house and a modular kitchen are like blood brothers nowadays. Ask your furniture supplier to set modular kitchen appliances that go with the other decoration of our house.



Sometimes small things catch the mind more. A small wooden centre table in your living room or a teakwood wardrobe in bedroom becomes an added complement the place. You can also place some small wooden comfort stool in your living room.


Interior is something that varies by choice. Be a smart owner of your house and make it attractive and elegant according to your choice.

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