Ready To Hire An Interior Designer In Kolkata? Don’t Ignore These 8 Steps

Ready To Hire An Interior Designer In Kolkata? Don’t Ignore These 8 Steps

Choosing an interior designer is a tough job indeed. Do you need an expert designer for your home in Kolkata? Choosing the best designer depend on your choice and budget. Before you choose any of them just go through the points that help you choose the best designing person for your home.


Steps To Choose A Right Interior Designer In Kolkata:

Step 1: Make Your Own Style:

Choosing your own style is the first need. Before you begin interviewing process of the designers decide your own style. The interior planners are ready to do almost all kinds of design, but clearing your own view makes them understand the design as well as the idea of designing. If you want to create some customised design ask before selecting. Most companies do not serve their customers with bespoke designing. Choosing the one who also provides you with customised service are the best one to choose.

Step 2: Take A Look At The Portfolio:

Let’s assume that you have already selected the designer who is ready to install your bespoke style on the walls and room. What’s now? Coming to the professional reputation of the selected designing expert is the next taken step. Look at their professional portfolios, their previous work, and reputation.

Step 3: Set A Budget:

Thinking about the budget before the installation is the right thing to do in this third step of selecting a designer. The professional expert Interior designers in Kolkata are ready to install all kind of design. But you have to set the budget to make the design eye catchy for the visitors as well as pocket-friendly for you.

Step 4: Meet Your Designer:

Once you have sought out the names and contact numbers of the designer that are ready to install the best at your affordable price, meet him and the rest of the decisions must be taken after a through negotiation.

Step 5: Ask A Lot Of Questions:

Question!! Question!! And Question is the key to reach the ultimate designer indeed. Ask these questions during the meet:

  • From when are you in this sector?
  • What is/are your specialty?
  • What is/are your great work?
  • How do you know the person from whom I get your referral?(If you get them from referral)
  • What is the approximate time of the work?
  • Do you have any designing package in my budget?
  • Do you incorporate customised work with your package?
  • Are your workers (designers) well trained and creative?
  • Do you have any contract?

Step 6: Compare The Quotes:

Comparing bring out the best. Compare the quotes of the chosen top 5 or top 3 designers and their given quotes. The best quote must be chosen.

Step 7: Sign The Contract:

Are you set your mind? Once you have decided with whom you want to work ask them for submitting the contract. Before signing it, read the contract carefully.

Step 8: Make A Start:

Just start your journey with the designer.

So, why you wait? Choose your home planner at once based on these points.

Have a good luck.

6 Vital Truths About Interior Designer That Kolkata Should Know

6 Vital Truths About Interior Designer That Kolkata Should Know

People often get confused whom to call while the need to beautify their interior? Some have a misconception that interior designing is something that is made for moneyed men and the designer deal will costly stuff.

A forest of confusion and questions are there that people fail to solve. Unfortunately, most of the time they come to the wrong conclusions.

Let’s cut the wrong notions and come to the right idea about home, its design and the designers. Here are some points, suggested by a reputed interior designer in Kolkata, that are well enough to clear all confusion and to answer the unsolved questions.



  1. There is a huge difference between interior designer and decorator.

A lot of people are confused between the job title interior designer and decorator. And the funniest thing is, many of them believe that both are the same. But the truth is there is a huge difference between the two. Internal decorators deal with space, location and adjacent. On the other hand, an internal designer deals with the human behaviours and psychology on a particular space and stuff.


  1. Interior designing is all about décor.

Internal designers are dealing with much more than mere home decoration. For example, decorators deal with a room colouring, texture, pattern, and quality of the colour. On the other hand, the design experts will consult the situation of the room, the impact of the colour of the room owner and on the visitor, the related furniture and stuff of the room as well.


  1. Hiring an interior designer is not expensive at all.

The budget is set on the requirement of the project. All reputed design experts ask their client’s budget before starting their job. Experience designers have the team that are very much used to in different sets of budgets.


  1. They don’t use costly materials.

The majority think that hiring a design expert is nothing but a bundle of expenses as they use all expensive products while designing. Well, let me tell you one thing, all these are as vague as a unicorn. As all of them ask for the budget before starting their work, there hasn’t a little chance to use costly or out of budget materials.


  1. Becoming an Interior Designer is a sign of hard work.

A number of people claim themselves as the internal designer without having any education, particularly on this field. People with intelligence and a good common sense can catch the art of a designer but at some point, they have to give up. The career of an interior designer is tough. It needs a complete sense of art within.


  1. Not always interior designing be trendy and cool.

There is a commonly wrong idea about the experts that they have a tendency to be trendy and contemporary on their design. Yes, it’s true that they want to leave a touch of contemporariness on their new project but never force the clients who want to decorate their place according to their tradition.


These are the common 6 truth that most people fail to understand. Hope these will help you choose a good designer for decorating your dream home or business place.

Hire an interior expert and see the difference.