Not every customer visiting a furniture manufacturer is aware of the fact that a sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture not only because you can choose from a wide range of models but it can also be used for various purposes. Investing in a sofa cum bed is indeed a wise decision if you want a piece of furniture where you can accommodate your unexpected guests or just relax and watch TV.

sofa cum bed
The huge demand for sofa beds is one of the main reasons why furniture manufacturers are offering it in different designs and colours to suit customers having various requirements and budget. This wide variety of choices makes the customers more confused. They need to consider numerous factors to make a wise choice.

4 Points To Consider When Approaching Furniture Manufacturers in Kolkata For Sofa Cum Bed

  • Utility
    Though this piece of furniture can be used both for sleeping and sitting purposes, understanding your priority will help you choose the ideal product. If you often have guests, it is mandatory for the sofa cum bed to offer adequate comfort. Opt for a couch with a thick spring mattress as it ensures a comfortable sleep. The foam mattress offered by Sofa Manufacturers in Kolkata is suitable for sitting purposes.
  • Location
    The type of sofa you should purchase is greatly dependent on the place in your room where you are willing to put the sofa. Opt for a fancier model if you are planning to place it in the living room. Consider your interior decor and accordingly opt for an upholstered or leather sofa. Though it might become a bit expensive, it is worth the investment. A casual micro-fiber sofa will look good in a family room and it is cost-effective as well.
  • Style
    If the comfort of the sofa bed is your ultimate priority, simply opt for the pull out style. The mattress and bed are folded up neatly inside the sofa. Since the mattress is below the cushions, making your bed becomes a bit difficult. The Futon style sofa cum bed is both functional and affordable. Though the comfort offered by it is a bit less, you can convert the bed within a few seconds. This is the ideal choice if you are a bachelor or residing in a small apartment.
  • Size
    Not only do you have to consider the place where you will put the sofa cum bed but also the space available. Customers visiting renowned Furniture Manufacturers in Kolkata should be aware of the fact that the amount of space a sofa cum bed occupies is generally more than that of a three seater sofa. If you have ample space, a larger couch will let you have a comfortable sleep. If space is limited, simply opt for a futon style sofa cum bed.

This being said, make sure you consider all the factors stated above the next time you visit a furniture manufacturer for a sofa cum bed!

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