Here Are the New Trends Interior Decorators Have Brought For 2016

Here Are the New Trends Interior Decorators Have Brought For 2016

2016 has arrived in, and already we have crossed three months of the year in the glimpse of an eye. And, since 2015 was such a dramatic year in respect of the designing, 2016 is supposed to have a better year in respect to the designing.

Therefore, in this write up we would discuss about some tips on the designing of the house that will help you to have a better outlook of the building. Interiors are awesome. And, it becomes splendid when you have a designer to alter some changes and make the house or room look brighter and colourful.

If you are thinking on what to do and how, then here is a guide to that. It will be easier on the part of your designer when he thinks of making your home in a new way.

What you should focus on?

Here we bring to you some ideas that the Interior decorator in Kolkata have planned. The basic things to focus on are:

  • Let there be light and nature. If you have wide windows and some tubs of greens planted at the corner of room, it immediately freshens up your mood. The room is automatically differentiated from the others.


  • Bathroom should be natural. It shouldn’t be decorated like that of the living room. Yes, we agree that it is the place where you relax, but too much of a shade will destroy its soothing feel. So, always bathrooms should naturally coloured to maintain the hue of the sunlight in the day, and feel nice and cool in the evening.


  • Art is the new accessory. Though it is nothing new, but 2016 welcomes, this old trend with a new twist. Add art accessories of old days, with a wooden finish. Add those old minakari designs to your pots and vases. Let there be an urban feel to it.


  • Colours reflect your mood and personality. When you have dark colours in your bedroom, it would emit all sorts of negativity which is unnecessary and uncomfortable. After an entire day’s struggle you would need a soothing atmosphere, and not dark atmosphere.
  • Sustainability is the new way. People are very careful about the waste and their usage. Hence, mix up the new sustainable and old up cycled materials and make a good mix and match of things. Say, you make your glass jar a beautiful small pot, did glass painting and kept it on the corner table. Wouldn’t it look nice? Think small and innovative.

How should you do that?

Now, what to do next is easier. Here are some furniture to order that will all the more change the look of your house.

  1. Mix and match kitchen cabinets that will help you give a fuller and wider look of the otherwise smaller kitchen. The compactness of the place will be enhanced when you use contrasting crockery.
  2. Corner should be decorated with deep shades and to complete look, add wooden chairs beside the window. Place a table and you are sorted.
  3. Make your mirror speak. The time of the wall is gone. Add statement mirrors and enhance the decor.
  4. Use formal dinner table and chairs. This will make your living area separated from that of the dining area, if you have a common room.

So, here we end with the suitable answers of what and how. Therefore, enjoy a new year with some new decors for your house.